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Monday, 20 June 2011


It appears that there is still so much misinformation about TS in high places

Trying to find a niche in the world of the practitioners is difficult, some appear to look on us as a group of well meaning volunteers, when we are far more than that. Especially these days. Our charity is asked to assist, advise, nurture.... and referals come in to us, rather than the other way around. We are being asked to support the professionals, more and more. And so it should be - working together, raising awareness, giving a voice.....

So, its a huge part of my job, to look at who we work with, who should we be working with, what the strategies are, where the gaps in provision are, and then work our way into those gaps for the benefit of those who live with TS.

So today, I have been mainly collating a range of research, writing up a proposal to the neurologists who might wish to partake of same, and seeking to meld the two. And looking for funding to smooth the way... as always....


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