Friday, 24 June 2011

IPad YouPad

CP signed up for an IPad despite the need for food, bills and well, warmth in the house. Cats and I look on in horror as he blithely plays with new toy, that could have put petrol in the car for a year.
Turns out the new toy is a good ally for him with his TSAspie ways. He calms down, uses the IPad for lots of things to help him, like writing notes and lists, and listening to calming music, and writing emails. Its always attached to his left arm. I wonder if I should have an IPad installed internally in his sternum, so that I can press the buttons if I find him incommunicative. Earth calling CP.
He's had a bad week tic wise, so the IPad is a refuge for him. I fear it may replace me eventually. I am sure someone is working on a replacement partner App.
He has also found himself a few stressy tics, in terms of Echolalia, alarming for people in the garage when he shouts Petrol, Change, Thank You. He's had a punch in the chops before now, the puncher assuming that CP is being sarky.
Sleep is still an issue, although during last night's usual ticcy, negative thoughts and wakeful sessions, I suddenly hear a fanfare and voices. No, he's not channelling, nor is it the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. CP has the IPad under his pillow.... and has tuned into BBC World News.


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