Friday, 8 July 2011

Our loved ones

A curious thing, serendipity. It appears when you least expect it, and this week has been one serendipitious (?) event after another, and clearly I am being nudged in a direction....that of supporting those who are the supporters.

I've met with quite a few of our membership over the past few days, mainly in pursuit of face to face help; and have seen how the love and care, support and belief, of those closest to them, helps them to get through the day. Very critical if you are low in spirit, but high in talent and aspiration. Rich in need, but poor in resources. Our members are a band of brothers and sisters, and look to each other for that empathy and that innate understanding of what is it like to live with TS.

The people who care for them are a band of sorts, too.

And so, what about those carers, loved ones, supporters - what amazing folks, and without them, maybe some of us who arent in the right advantageous spot at the right time, or who have an uphill battle to achieve our aspirations, maybe we wouldnt get there at all without those loved ones.

So hats off to the loved ones, the ones who care about us and for us. Our support is for you, too, and thus the strength is shared between us all.


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