Friday, 8 July 2011

flushed with success

CP has had a major crisis this week, in that the drainage system in our old house has decided to go on holiday. Take a hike. Have a rest. Absent without leave. AWOL. Awful Water Over Loo. Which is blocked, as is the bath and the sink. Horrible gurgling, such as Creature from the Black Lagoon emerging from the deep. Icky stuff coming upwards from plughole, such as in Cocoon. Must stop watching bad B horror movies.

CP has Sensory Processing so cant face smelly, icky, marigolded-hands down the u-bend, malarky. I get home and he is waiting with plunger (ooh Matron). No luck. I've put down several gallons of toxic substances including sulphuric acid and, on another day, caustic soda. I am amazed I havent created a new universe down there. Maybe I have. A Black Hole would be preferable to no flush.

CP has OCD too so the whole break of routine, and the added thought of nasty happenings, has driven him to reside in the motorhome in the drive. Finally, the lovely Ruth has given me the name of a Drain Cure company, who came out today and rescued me and my loo with much sucking and piping and sawing. Some broken masonry had apparently invaded the soil pipe and blocked it. How, are the bricks walking, now?

CP will be able to relax, and resume his routine, which is just as well, as the bathroom is his meltdown room, and he was trying out all the other rooms instead, none of which suited him, and I was running out of house.

Cant say calm will be restored as that is a misnomer in our establishment, but safe ticcing, meltdowning and the general purposes of bathrooms, are indeed back to normal.


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