Friday, 15 July 2011

A cast of thousands

Dazzled by the brilliance of our Tourette community, who are determined, supportive and keen to get involved in awareness raising! And in making a change for all. All of which has an impact on the validity of such organisations as Tourette Scotland, and helps to turn more listening ears our way...
Feedback this week from the recent neurological conference, shows that even those who think they know.. have the capacity to know more. Some still think its about swearing and thats you.... And that not many people have it. Or as someone who is in the profession and should know better, said this week, 'I've heard that its curable'. *sigh*
A hectic week with lots of interaction with our members and volunteers, and visits from funders. When I start to tell others about what we do, and about our community, its always a pleasure, because TScotland isnt about this person or that person, its about a collective, a co-operative if you will, of many many people with different skills and approaches, but with the same end goal. Make life on an equal par as others, for those with Tourette Syndrome. Come the revolution!
This week, I have mainly been doing Research and Funding, all critical to sustaining and informing accurately. Some success with referalls for a couple of members looking for special help.
Looking forward to adding to our services over the next months, including some specific support for those times when you need someone to have a chat to over a cuppa. Wouldnt mind that myself, sometimes.
Helpline starts next week, so thats a couple of us bringing in the camp bed! But it gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling, or is that the cocoa I just spilt down my front...


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