Friday, 15 July 2011

holidays and low days

CP is very ticcy - is it the thunderstorms? Is it the lack of activity around him because everyone who is anyone is on holiday? Or is it because he knows we are visiting my rellies soon... and he is practising trying to be a person who enjoys the company of others and can do small talk... aha, Dr Watson, I think we may have cracked the case.
A small cave equipped with computing equipment and anything with the Apple Logo on it (I think we are going all James Bond, here) would suit him, at any time, not just on his feeling low days.
Hot sun makes him tic (hey! What makes you tic? Gawd. What a very bad pun)
Cold places makes him tic
Light makes him tic
Dark makes him tic tic tic
Travelling and getting tired makes him.... guess
Fear of new places, change, routine awry, decision-making, all ticcy things.
So you can see, holidays(Going Away), or being in one place but with the wrong environment (Staying At Home) doesnt help.
Perhaps some kind of induced sleep during July and August? Answers on a postcard... if you can get away, that is....


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