Friday, 22 July 2011

common enough to be everywhere but not common enough to be known

This week, more dialogue about those worthies practising in the field of neurology and psychology.... who have a critical role in identifying and treating TS, it would seem. Yet it appears that few such worthies are using TS as their specialism?

So... I am desperately seeking that joint being, a Neuropsychologist - and even more picky of me, who has a major interest in TS - where are you! Must have good sense of humour! Must be able to travel!

Tourette Syndrome folks, its a case need of pushing forward TS as a good subject for specialism; hey, medical folks, we are over here, and you can help us with treatments (and not just drugs, which are fine, but not the be all and end all ...) TS is interesting, fascinating, worth a paper in Lancet or Practical Neurology, come on in.

(Is TS common enough to be everywhere but not common enough to be known?)

Lots of news about the benefits and how they are being assessed by a private firm, hmmmm. That does explain something, mayhap? Its not all doom and gloom (or is it) as its been a good week for supporting people through challenges and seeing some good results. The Helpline has started its work, and once it gets over its shyness, will prove its worth. The Busk in Buchanan Square overlooked by good old Donald Dewar, brought the sunshine and some music (including a bit of Elvis) to the passersby. You aint nothing but a hound-dog, you guys. And an Asian family were convinced that the group of young persons singing were a famous group. The Tourettes?

Well done Reagin and co, anyway. And to everyone who does their bit, week after week. Oh, and if you are a neurologist (hello!) expect a pack of information and an invitation to dine with us. Or have a biscuit, at least. WLTM.

Finally, Children in Need - what can I say, you are loverly. And thank you.

More funding bids, more cases to chase, more issues to overcome. Great stuff. Onwards, ever onwards!


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