Friday, 22 July 2011

Footballs and Fate, and Sharing Neurons

Driving along like you do, and a huge football bounced from the ether, in front of the car, and away into the shrubbery (great word, that, shrubbery). I couldnt see any nearby houses or even any nearbyer snottery kids, so from whence did it come? (More to the point, where did it go.... and is it still rolling down the Forth?)

Just then, I saw the sign: 'Stirling University Sports Institute' aha. Some big kicker, training to kick, then. So, maybe, when you have a mystery, you should look for the solution in a simple way. And not too far away at that. I wonder if I should do that in life, when a great big football nearly kills me, reflect on what that is telling me (keep away from sports institutes?).

I am always looking for complex answers and perhaps I should not try so hard to find them. Living with a TS/AS person, their compulsive angst can rub off, and I've found myself being analytical and worrying endlessly about what and why, never mind about the wherefores.

Its fair to say that I am a flibberty gibbert, whilst CP is of serious furrowed brow, so we exasperate one another constantly.

Perhaps then, I should give some of my lighter neurotypicallness over to CP, to soothe his angst, and he can share some of his down and dirty OCD dedicatedness with me and make me more grounded.

Perhaps I might have been that careless football kicker (lets pretend) and not caring about where it went, yet had it been CP, he would have been planning its trajectory (we are talking flip chart/coloured pens here) and knowing exactly where it would land.

So, instead of my worrying about CP and whether I need to cosset him all the time - do all that planning, amending as we go along, manoeuvring him hither and thither to protect him (me?, them?)from his Neurodiversity and all it brings, I should let his 'football' (we are talking metaphors, steady on, at the back...) bounce about and to hell with those who comment on his AS/TS personage. Let his actions flow as they will, his neurons do their stuff, and into the shrubbery with it stigma, prejudices and all!


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